Baazaar full movie story and review

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Director: Gauravv K Chawla

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Rohan Mehra, Radhika Apte, Chitrangada Singh.

Baazaar full movie Story and review: For people who haven’t watched the Hollywood movies revolving around the stock-market like myself, the movie is not a terrible watch. Saif Ali Khan’s character, Shakun Kothari is ruthless, mean, and powerful as per the requirement. As a matter of fact, he’s the best thing about the movie, and brings Shakun Kothari’s personality and coolness on point. REad the Baazaar full movie Story line and review

Baazaar full movie Review

The story is directed mainly from the point of view of a young ambitious boy Rizwan, who considers the big-gun stock market investor Shakun Kothari as his God. On arriving in Mumbai in a bid to be as rich and successful as Shakun, he starts working in the stock market and gradually gets noticed by Shakun. Eventually, Rizwan comes to know about the real and unscrupulous face of Shakun as he is personally duped by him. This makes him realize that he should not look at success as a 100-meter champion, rather be like Mo Fara, the best marathon runner in the marathon of life and success.

Baazaar full movie

The opening scene in the meditation center with Saif Ali Khan threatening his teacher who’s a company’s chairman to resign is quite potent and remarkable. It shows the cunningness and the insensitivity that uncontrolled ambition brings in a person. The film moves on with its story while Shakun is impactful in almost every scene. Radhika Apte plays Priya Rai who is thick-skinned in the beginning but finally opens up to Rizwan and leads him for some time until he gets closer with Shakun. Another character that was supposed to be important in the film was that of Chitrangada Singh as Shakun’s wife Mandira. But she rather does not get many dialogues to utter and even the conviction and visage is not up to the mark. Rohan Mehra’s dimples are the focal point of his charm and rest of his performance is simple and nothing unheard of.

Baazaar full movie Flaws:

Cheesy Paytm placement, it’s of another level when Rizwan’s sister asks him to change his life by leaving for Mumbai, and he replies with “itna asaan nahi hai” and there you have the special Paytm ad coming up. Aamna opens the Paytm app on her phone and says “hosakti hai, Paytm pe flight book karo”. It was so appalling that I was waiting for the signature line “paytm karo” in the typical rhythm to follow. Product placement in films is okay as long as it’s very subtle and only hits the subliminal senses but in the movie, it’s highly shameless and conspicuous.

The depiction of Mandira Kothari by Chitrangada Singh is graceful but monotone, with her donning surprisingly same expression throughout the movie, as if she’s a wax-statue if judged from her face.

Shakun’s white patch of hair keeps on appearing and disappearing especially in the last scene when Rizwan gets him arrested. Moreover, one moment he’s got this Gujarati accent and the next, he’s speaking in his natural Saif Ali Khan accent.


For not being high on unpredictable side and for the strength of Shakun’s character, the movie deserve as midway rating of 2.5

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