RAAZI Full Movie story and Review

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RAAZI Full Movie story, Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi is a very strong and well researched piece which is going to be cherished for a very long time as a one-of-its-kind movie. The direction and screenplay of the film underscores the power of simplicity and subtleness in the portrayal of an authentic story on screen. Read Complete RAAZI Full Movie story.

RAAZI Full Movie story

The film is based around the early-seventies era, when the Indo-Pak tensions preceding the Indo-Pak war of 1971 were on peak. It opens with an Indian Army gathering being addressed by a senior officer on INS Viraat, emphasizing on the unsung heroes. He brings up the case of an unnamed woman who served as a secret RAW agent and proved to be of landmark help in the war and goes on to narrate her story as follows.

Hidayat Khan, the dying father of Sehmat summons her from her university in Delhi to tell her about his ailment. Moreover, he confides his wish for Sehmat to be like him and gather intelligence from Pakistan by marrying her into one of the most influential army families from Pakistan.

Sehmat after some cognitive dissonance agrees and is sent to train like a spy under the guidance of Khalid Mir from RAW. Twenty-year old Sehmat gets trained in Martial Arts, shooting, and Morse code. After Sehmat is married, she immediately starts spying, as most of the information is discussed at her home due to her father-in-law’s powerful position in the army. Sehmat keeps on doing this for a while until the family butler Abdul catches her red-handed. In a bid to save her secret, she runs over Abdul with a jeep and as her brother-in law gets suspicious, she kills him too with Ricin. The dominoes begin to fall and finally her husband Iqbal, who she loves comes to know of her reality too.

 Finally in the market, Iqbal confronts a lady who he thinks is Sehmat (since the lady is wearing Burka) with others from his department while the real Sehmat is looking from a distance. Khalid Mir orders to hurl a grenade at the Sehmat (assumed)-Iqbal group. Sehmat is shocked to realize all this and what she’s already done. Thus she decides to move back to her home. On crossing the check post, she faints and later comes to know that she’s pregnant with Iqbal’s baby.

In the end, an old Sehmat is shown to be sitting near the window of a very humble house with minimalistic appearance.


Alia Bhat’s performance and appearance as Kashmiri Muslim is on point and unintentionally redresses the construct around a particular body politic (Kashmiris) these days. Alia Bhat is beautiful in the movie and her transition from a Sehmat who can’t bear the sight of blood and syringes to a Sehmat who kills two men at separate occasions is gradual though brilliant. If I am asked to imagine a Kashmiri girl from 70s initially studying at DU, I’d imagine someone like Sehmat.

RAAZI Full movie

The film does not meddle much with the Kashmiri culture and is as ingenious with its depiction as it can be. The typical Kashmiri shawls, clothes with aari-work, the crewel-curtains, kahwa, the scenery and the inclusion of Kashmiri lyrics from a popular Kashmiri wedding song makes it look quite original and captures the essence of Kashmir. But it also becomes something concerning when we witness the same styled tapestry at Sehmat’s in-laws. Also, the depiction of the Kashmiri copper teakettle, “Samavar” confuses a Kashmiri like me by asking if Sehmat has actually gone to Pakistan or is she still in her room from Kashmir.

The cast is well-chosen, be it Vicky Kaushal as Sehmat’s husband, Iqbal, or Arif Zakaria as the prying Butler besides the perfect Sehmat i.e., Alia. One of the admirable things about the film is the quality of it being low-key yet effective and impactful. It portrays the thrill of patriotism in a different dimension than what we have seen in movies so far. Furthermore, the movie is fresh in terms of not taking sides and involves the show of Pakistani Army family as humans with emotions. Everytime there’s a killing by Sehmat, your heart breaks just like Sehmat, who seems to be a mix of timid and brave. You seem to be feeling what she’s feeling – the despair, the fear of being caught, the conflict, every single emotion from Sehmat becomes a part of you too.


Raazi makes an enormous impact, it’s a nail biting thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat while it leaves an imprint on your mind and breaks your heart at the same time. It’s definitely worthy of 4.5 stars out of 5

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