Rajma chawal full movie review

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Leena Yadav’s Rajma Chawal is knit around the father-son dynamic in an average Indian middle class household, and the desperate measures of a father trying to show his side of the story to his son and get closer to him. The film is completely shot in Delhi, which makes it familiar besides the plot being so ground to earth yet tasty for the mind just like actual Rajma Chawal, which is so ordinary and everyday-ish but still appetizing.

Rajma chawal full movie

Rajma chawal full movie Story line

The film features a young aspiring musician, Kabir (Anirudh Tanwar) and his dad, Raj Mathur (Rishi Kapoor), who are shifting from a house in New Delhi to Old Delhi aka Chandini Chowk against Kabir’s preference.  Besides being upset about going away from the home which holds the memories of his mother who’s earlier died because of an accident, he’s cut off from his band from which he’s eventually kicked off. Since the moment Kabir and his dad arrive at Chandini Chowk where Kabir’s dad is originally from, Kabir is irritated by the surroundings, puddles, colonies, narrow lanes, their overly friendly neighbors and the overall nitty-gritties of Old Delhi. Everything ranging from eating rajma chawal with his hands like his father and others to one of his neighbors reminiscing about his mother’s amazing fashion sense seems to displease him explicitly. Kabir is like any of the young boys/girls who have been eternally upset with their fathers because of one major culprit i.e., communication gap, which makes them believe that their parents especially fathers don’t get them and vice versa.

So in a bid to communicate with his son in one way or another, Raj works on one of the cheesy ideas provided by Beejee (Nirmal Rishi), his friend’s mother, and he creates a Facebook account by the name of a random name “Tara” and the photos are provided by the tech-forward beejee after stealing the photos of a girl who’s deactivated her Facebook account since one year and a half. Days pass and things get better between the father and son via courtesy of the fake account named Tara and in the meantime, Kabir puts together a new band with a few of his YouTube fans, his old friend , and a homeless elder who plays harmonica and goes to his first real gig in a club named factory. While he’s performing, his dad and his neighbor-cum-friends reach there to support him and he spots a familiar face in the crowd. It’s the same girl Tara from Facebook in blood and flesh and he’s delighted to see her.

Rajma chawal full movie Ending

Tara, whose real name is Seher (Amyra Dastur) looks like a turbulent girl with a partly shaved head as opposed to her sweet kurti clad profile picture from Facebook. Kabir moves towards his Tara and she holds his hand and runs out of the club with him ditching him by leaving with her friend after telling him that she hasn’t been using Facebook since a year. Seeing Kabir upset and being scared of his lie being unearthed, Raj along with his homeboys leave in search of Tara, who is apparently kicked out of home by her parents and lives with her friend in an apartment and works at a salon. On finding Tara, they try to convince her to meet Kabir, which she initially disagrees to but after they offer her money, she changes her decision and after reading “Tara” and Kabir’s chat history decides to meet him. They meet for some time at a café, and for a change Sehar who is otherwise known to be a freeloader pays the bills, she maintains her image of being Tara from Facebook and leaves on a good note. On further insisting by way of paying more money to Sehar, Raj asks her to convince Kabir to come home to Chandini Chowk. During this, Kabir’s videos are noticed by big guns and he gets invited to one of the reputed music festivals. Sehar and Kabir fall in love and Sehar tries to confide this in Raj but Raj instead scolds her for falling in love with his son and makes her feel unworthy. Sehar leaves the apartment and shifts to working women’s hostel in Delhi in a bid to stay away from Kabir. Kabir slips into depression and stops singing altogether and his friend informs Raj about this. This makes Raj fake a heart attack, and on seeing Kabir cry like a baby while he’s in ICU, he realizes the extent to which his son loves him. He at once leaves the hospital after Kabir to tell him that Sehar is his ultimate truth and he should stick to her, but before he can do that Kabir spots Sehar handing over money to their butler Anees, he comes to know about the truth and leaves the spot at once.
Rajma chawal full movie Ending

Raj, his neighbors, beejee, Anees and Sehar’s friend go to the women’s working hostel to rescue Sehar and after a few tantrums and stunts, they are able to amass Sehar and with an app, Sehar is able to locate Kabir, who is sitting on a railway station dejected and desolate. Raj goes to his son, who gets up to leave, not willing to listen, but Raj stops him and breaks the ice by letting him know the truth about his mother’s accident, who lies to Raj about being fine but dies in the morning whereas Kabir always has been thinking that she died because his dad couldn’t afford to spend money on her better treatment and makes him realize how he’s always not able to show his love and makes him realize how difficult the communication dynamics between the two of them are. This brings tears to the eyes of the father-son duo, Kabir leans over to his father’s chest and they hug. In the end, all the neighbors reach the place and they realize that Sehar has left in the other train leaving the note for Raj saying she brought Kabir home forever, which was the part of the prior deal. Kabir rushes and finds her and both of them eventually move in together, as Kabir gets more successful and Sehar is accepted by her parents.


All in all, the movie is quite levelheaded, engaging and sympathy invoking. My personal favorite scene is when Kabir envisions his mother while he’s admiring his toy-airplane from the childhood and he moves after it from the same narrow streets, water puddles, diverse and lively crowds, beeji and he seems to get the epiphanies about the beauty of Old Delhi and sees his mother smiling at the distance, invoking a sense of belongingness towards Chandini Chowk in him.

Movies like Rajma Chawal, love per square foot, Lust stories etc. are altering the focus from big-budget unreasonable movies to the themes that matter and are relatable to the ample audience out there. For its relevance and simplicity, Rajma Chawal gets 4 stars out of 5.

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